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Archive for April 6, 2013

Napa Green Reaches Milestone in Sustainability

(St. Helena, California) – In a month that shines the spotlight on environmental stewardship, the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) has announced that the Napa Green program has increased the total number of certified acres by 22 percent over the past two years. Currently, there are 32,437 acres certified and another 23,000 enrolled in the program, bringing the total Napa County acreage covered by Napa Green to more than 55,000 acres. Today’s announcement was made as part of NVV’s support of “Down to Earth,” a month-long celebration of the California wine industry’s commitment to sustainability. (more…)

Brits are biggest in-flight boozers-British air passengers have been voted the heaviest drinkers according to a survey of 700 international cabin crew by Skyscanner.

4th April, 2013 by Patrick Schmitt

54% of Brits begin their holiday with a drink in the airport or onboard a flight

Holidaying Brits beat the Russians into second place according to the travel site, which also polled UK passengers for their reaction to the concept of alcohol-free flights.

According to Skyscanner research, over half of Brits admit to starting their holiday with a drink either in the airport or onboard the plane.

However, 41% of respondents said they would book an alcohol-free flight should it be offered – with a quarter of those saying that this was to avoid the risk of sharing a plane with drunken passengers. (more…)

Could Climate Change Make Scandinavia The Next Great Wine Region?

https://i1.wp.com/greatwinenews.com/vineyard/uploads/2013/04/scandwine.jpgAs weather patterns change, can we expect the same flavor from the same grapes grown in the same places? The wine industry doesn’t think so, and it’s already making contingency plans.

If there’s a certain wine that you can’t imagine living without, drink up now while you still have the chance.

Climatologists predict that climate change will drastically affect the world of wine, as warmer weather turns famous wine regions too hot or dry, completely changes the flavor profile of wine from certain areas, and creates new wine-growing regions altogether, as territory formerly hostile to vineyards, like parts of Scandinavia, warms up. Discovery News reports:

“Can any region continue to grow the exact same varieties and make the exact same style of wines? If what we know today is correct, that is highly unlikely,” said Gregory Jones, oenology professor at Southern Oregon University.

Some parts of the world that could benefit, according to Discovery: (more…)

Τρεις ΜW ξεκίνησαν νέα πλατφόρμα πώλησης κρασιού

oinos and more


Μια νέα ιστοσελίδα λιανικής πώλησης κρασιού έχει δημιουργηθεί από τρεις Masters of Wine για να δείχνουν και να πωλούν τα κρασιά που «παραδίνουν πάνω για την τιμή τους».

Ο δικτυακός τόπος, winetrust100.co.uk , το οποίο ξεκίνησε την Τετάρτη (3 Απριλίου) – είναι μια κοινοπραξία που έχει συσταθεί από τρεις Masters of Wine: John Hoskins MW , Sarah Abbott MW και Nick Adams MW , με επιπλέον την εμπειρία από τον πρώην-λιανοπωλητή των Tesco John Valentine. (more…)

Bordeaux 2012: «Δεν χρειάζεται να περιμένουμε», λέει ο Moueix καθώς La Fleur Petrus, Trotanoy και Belair Monange κυκλοφόρησαν

 oinos and more


Ο JP Moueix θέτει νωρίς τους τόνους, πριν από την εβδομάδα  en primeur γευσιγνωσίας,  με την κυκλοφορία της πλήρους  γκάμας  του 2012.

Η Etablissements JP Moueix, ιδιοκτήτρια εταιρεία των κορυφαίων κτημάτων της Δεξιάς Όχθης, Chateaux La Fleur Pétrus, Trotanoy και Belair Monange , έχει κυκλοφορήσει την πλήρη γκάμα των κρασιών του 2012 μια εβδομάδα πριν από τα en primeur, με τις τιμές προς τα κάτω κατά μέσο όρο 15%. (more…)

Weekly Interview: Tyler Thomas

Posted by | Posted in Interviews | Posted on 04-05-2013

Each week, as regular readers know, we pose a series of questions to a winemaker. This week, we’re featuring Tyler Thomas of Donelan Family Wines in Santa Rosa, California.

A St. Louis native, Tyler credits his interest in food and wine to his grandmother, who grew up in Nice, France. This interest only grew after graduating from Colorado State University, when he traveled to Bordeaux. Upon returning to the States, Tyler returned to school to study viticulture and enology at U.C. Davis. After completing his studies, a scholarship took Tyler to the Rheingau. He then returned to California and joined the team at Donelan in 2008. (more…)

The Truth About Sulfites in Wine

Do you really understand what sulfites are and how they may interact with your body?

Most people claim “sulfite headaches” after drinking wine but writer Bill St. John would like to point out otherwise.

“This is the time of year when people tell me, as they return from their European vacations, that they drank bottle after bottle of wine with their meals and “never got a headache.” They explain this miracle by saying that wines in Europe “do not contain sulfites,” unlike wines sold in the U.S., the labels of which clearly state “Contains sulfites.”

“My sadly returning vacationers further claim that winemakers in other countries “must make a separate wine for export.” They do not; the Antinori Chianti Classico that you drink in Tuscany is the same Antinori Chianti Classico that you drink in Thornton. The reason that you didn’t get a headache drinking it in Tuscany is that you were on vacation. In Tuscany.”

The truth is, consumers cannot get sulfite headaches. Sulfite reactions are much more intense and look like an allergic reaction as opposed to a pounding head.

Learn about the truth of sulfites by reading more at The Denver Post.





A Guide to Joining the Best Wine Clubs

By: Katie Kelly Bell

C’mon, join the club…but which club should you join, is a wine club even a fit for you, and do they really offer better deals on wine?

If you are adventurous about your wine consumption then you should consider joining a wine club. The wine club can in fact be an excellent choice for an individual who wants to experiment with various styles of wine but has little to no time for browsing in their local wine shop.

It’s my humble opinion that getting to know your local wine retailer and shopping regularly is the best way to learn about new wines.  But if the alternative in your busy life is just grabbing the closest bottle at the grocery store (the horror), well then, you need to join a club.

See what wine clubs may fit your personality and palate the best by clicking here, Forbes.

Au Bon Climat founder to receive award

  • by Louis Villard
 The founder of iconic estate Au Bon Climat, Jim Clendenen, is to receive an award honouring his contribution in promoting Santa Maria Valley.

The award is being presented to Climat owner Jim Clendenen at this year’s Chardonnay Symposium in Santa Maria, California.

Founded in 1982, Au Bon Climat produces Burgundian style wines from grapes grown in the most northerly area of Santa Barbara County, which became an AVA in 1981.

‘We pioneered a style of Chardonnay that’s different than all the other bits of California. It’s bright, fresh, friendly and typical of the area,’ Clendenen told decanter.com.

‘Jim’s vision for creating balanced, elegant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from our cool climate vineyards has inspired a generation of winemakers and has brought international attention to both Au Bon Climat and the Santa Maria Valley,‘ added Chris Slaughter, Executive Director of the Santa Maria Valley Wine Country Association.

The Chardonnay Symposium will be held on 19 July for three days in the State.

For more information, visit: thechardonnaysymposium.com

Read more at http://www.decanter.com/news/wine-news/583780/au-bon-climat-founder-to-receive-award#tcMMqWbqp4ZhYxOe.99

Historic Tokaji wine auction to take place

  • by Caroline Gilby MW

An inaugural Tokaji wine auction is to be held this month in Hungary.


The event will take place on 27th April in the region’s historic Sárospatak castle, during the Tokaji Spring: a three day programme of wine events hosted by the new Confrérie de Tokaji, which unites many of Tokaji’s best producers.

According to the Confrérie president, each of the 22 lots going under the hammer is unique and offered in quantities equivalent to the traditional Tokaji gönci barrel of 136 litres, except the legendary elixir Eszencia which will be sold in just 10 litre quantities.

The organisers are hoping that the auction will promote the Tokaji region and raise funds to ‘help preserve this unique UNESCO heritage landscape.’

‘By purchasing one of these lots you will become the exclusive owner of a unique Tokaji wine and, at the same time, you will be participating in the restoration and enhancement of the viticultural landscape of Tokaji,’ Istvan Szepsy, the Confrérie President told decanter.com.

Read more at http://www.decanter.com/news/wine-news/583776/historic-tokaji-wine-auction-to-take-place#FlhkMfCVTFyxwhjS.99

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