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Wine Economist 2013 in Review « The Wine Economist

Wine Economist 2013 in Review « The Wine Economist.

ΡΙΖΟΣΠΑΣΤΗΣ : Παραστάσεις από το Κρατικό Κουκλοθέατρο Βάρνας

ΡΙΖΟΣΠΑΣΤΗΣ : Παραστάσεις από το Κρατικό Κουκλοθέατρο Βάρνας.

Ελληνικά κρασιά στα ΤΟΡ 100 του WINE SPECTATOR! | oinos

Ελληνικά κρασιά στα ΤΟΡ 100 του WINE SPECTATOR! | oinos.

A Glass of Wine a Day Boosts Immune System


A Glass of Wine a Day Boosts Immune System

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Thirsty monkeys provide interesting findings for wine lovers.



The latest study investigating the effects of drinking alcohol on our health suggests that moderate consumption of wine and other alcoholic drinks can boost our immune system.


Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, trained 12 rhesus macaques also known as rhesus monkeys to consume alcohol of their own accord. The team vaccinated the primates against small pox and then allowed them access to either a 4 percent ethanol solution or sugar water.


“Like humans, rhesus macaques showed highly variable drinking behavior,” said Ilhem Messaoudi, an associate professor of medicine and lead author of the study.


But some monkeys were more thirsty than others: “Some animals drank large volumes of ethanol, while others drank in moderation,” added Messaoudi.


The results showed that those monkeys that drank the largest amounts of alcohol did not respond as well to the vaccine as those that drank no alcohol. However, animals that drank moderate amounts of ethanol displayed enhanced vaccine responses to those that remained teetotal.


“Our study, conducted on non-human primates, shows for the first time that voluntary moderate alcohol consumption boosts immune responses to vaccination,” Messaoudi explained.


The findings from the University of California, Riverside were published in the journal Vaccine earlier this month.


In 2013, there were a number of other studies that suggested that moderate alcohol consumption was beneficial to health: moderate wine consumption was associated with a 40 percent reduced risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease in men, and a 20 percent reduced risk of death from cancer in a major French study in June.


Similarly, scientists at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom found that a compound in red wine, resveratrol, slowed the growth of cancer in mice, even after being metabolized into other compounds by the body.

Meanwhile, resveratrol in red wine isn’t only good for the heart but also the brain and may provide hope for Alzheimers sufferers. The compound can stall the progress of the disease by preventing the harmful clumps of protein that cause brain cells to die from latching on to the cells.


Anti-alcohol posters in the Soviet Union-Οι σύντροφοι είχαν δίκιο ο αλκοολισμός είναι αρρώστεια το αλκοόλ με μέτρο είναι αναγκαίο, τουλάχιστον για τον βάρβαρο καπιταλισμό που ζούμε.

Από  http://www.wineterroirs.com

Soviet_anti-alcohol-just_say_noJust say noHere comes New Year, a time of unrestrained excesses worldwide and I thought it might be well timed to have a visual reminder of the dangers we face when we raise our glass or grab a bottle.
These posters remind us of the Soviet Union’s and Russia’s long-running struggle with a national plague, chronic drunkenness among a sizeable part of its male population. This fight took many forms including a total prohibition try during the Gorbatchev years, and state-employed artists provided dozens of images to move workers away from disastrous overdrinking habits.
This problem never really went away and a couple years ago, a new Russian law restricted the sales of alcohol after certain hours, thus closing off the access to the wine and vodka aisles in supermarkets. The St Petersburg government recently added amendments to widen the hours during which alcohol couldn’t be purchased.
With the growing prosperity and travel capacity, airlines are also faced with an increasing number of unruly passengers getting into brawls during flights after excessive drinking, and the authorities consider forbidding in-flight booze sales. I noticed myself when I flew on Aeroflot earlier this year that the flight attendants didn’t offer vodka anymore, you had to pay for it. Russia is not Russia anymore…
Soviet_anti-alcohol_prisonners_of_drinkingPrisonners of drinkingSoviet_alcohol_exchangedSad exchangeSoviet_anti-alcohol_riche_culture_interieureDiverse inner lifeSoviet_anti-alcohol_and_they_call_us_pigsAnd they’re calling us pigs…Soviet_anti-alcohol_dont_buy_counterfeit_boozeThe worst ennemy of the black-marketeerSoviet_anti-alcohol_down_with_drinkers-say_it_loud1929Down with drinkers – Say it Loud ! 1929Soviet_anti-alcohol_ennemy_of_reasonThe ennemy of reasonSoviet_anti-alcohol_have_mercy_for_unborn_childHave mercy for the unborn childSoviet_anti-alcohol_clean-upClean up !Soviet_antialcohol_calendar_leavesToo lateSoviet_anti-alcohol_dont_drink_dad_1929Dad, don’t drink !Soviet_anti-alcohol_eradicate_this_evil1959Eradicate this evil (1959)Soviet_anti-alcohol_na_zdrovye_1969Na Zdrovye… (1969)Soviet_anti-alcohol_no_drunk_workers1966No drunk workers (1966)Soviet_anti-alcohol_not_a_drop1961Not a drop ! (1961)Soviet_anti-alcohol_overcomeOvercomeSoviet_anti-alcohol_party_hangoverRemember you need to wake up early tomorrow morningSoviet_anti-alcohol_cultural_revolution1930Cultural revolution (1930)Soviet_anti-alcohol-sexual_failureCollateral casualtySoviet_anti-alcohol-russian_fieldRussian fieldSoviet_anti-alcohol-hangalcOholSoviet_anti-alcohol-drunks_outDrunkards out !Soviet_anti-alcohol-change_for_the_betterChange for the betterSoviet_anti-alcohol-dont_be_drunkDon’t be drunk !Soviet_anti-alcohol-crime_accompliceCrime accompliceSoviet_anti-alcohol-behind_vodka_barsBehind vodka barsSoviet_anti-alcohol-ennemy_of_cultural_revolutionEnnemy of the cultural revolutionSoviet_anti-alcohol_stop_1929Stop ! (1929)Soviet_anti-alcohol-slippery_behaviourSlippery behaviourSoviet_anti-alcohol_shameShame !Soviet_anti-alcohol-dont_dare1989Don’t dare ! (1989)Soviet_anti-alcohol-chooseSwappedSoviet_anti-alcohol_you_drink-your_family_is_hungry1930You drink, your family is hungry (1930)Soviet_anti-alcohol-where_is_the_family_moneyWhere is the family money ?Soviet_anti-alcohol-was_given_wine-became_crazyWas given wine, lost his mindSoviet_anti-alcohol-vodka_bad_for_your_heartBad for your heartSoviet_anti-alcohol-vodka_bad_for_productionVodka bad for productionSoviet_anti-alcohol-the_fallKeep your headSoviet_anti-alcohol-the_river_starts_with_a_creekThe river starts with a trickleSoviet_anti-alcohol-stop_samogonStop samogon ! [samogon is moonshine]Soviet_anti-alcohol-time_to_stop_collective_madnessTime to stop this collective madnessSoviet_anti-alcohol-why_not_change_labelJust switch labels [fruit juice in the place of 19%-strong white wine]Russian_advertising_on_dangers_for_drinking_womenModern anti-alcohol ad targeting womenOriginal text :Чрезмерное потребление пива влияет на женственность. Это приводит к ростуволос на лице и резкому запаху тела за счет увеличения мужских гормоновExcessive consumption of beer affects feminity. It leads to an increase infacial hair and body odor because of an increase in male hormonesSoviet_happy_family_1956Healthy family :Children : happiness of the family and the nation’s future (1950)

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