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7 Traits of the World’s Most Expensive Wine


Wine Folly



7 traits of the most expensive wine in the world

If you had an unlimited budget for wine, what would you buy?

Wine Folly recently spoke at Ignite Seattle . Ignite Seattle is a series of mini-presentations designed to inspire and educate people on any topic. For our talk, Madeline Puckette took a closer look at the world’s most expensive wine.




What is the world’s most expensive wine?

The most expensive bottle ever sold was a 6 liter bottle (pictured below) of 1992 Napa Valley Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon. It was sold at the Napa Valley Wine Charity Auction in 2000.




7 Traits of the World’s Most Expensive Wine



This video was shot at the 20th Ignite Seattle on May 16th, 2013.




Where are world’s most expensive wines sold? Most collector wine is sold at auction houses in London, New York and Hong Kong. Wine from Burgundy and Bordeaux are the most popular wines sold at auction.

The owners of these icon wines can be wineries, but more often than not they are collectors or wine investment firms that treat wines like stock.


The Presentation See the complete powerpoint presentation slides on slideshare


The Most Expensive Wine in the world

The Man in the Picture The man pictured is former sommelier Christian Vanneque, who holds the record for the most spent on a bottle of Sauternes. He said he’d like to drink the $117,000 bottle of 1811 Château Y’quem in 2017 with friends on his 50th anniversary in the wine business.




The 7 Traits


The most high-priced wines are not fermented cobra blood or wine made with gold. Instead, the focus is on classic regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and the Mosel Valley in Germany. Collectors typically invest in regions that have some sort of ranking system such as Premier Cru Classé in Bordeaux.


  1. They are from a few wine regions such as Napa, Burgundy and Bordeaux
  2. Most are aged in new French oak
  3. They are not meant to be consumed early and last upwards of 30 years
  4. They are traded like stock in several wine stock markets
  5. There are many forgeries in circulation
  6. There are 6 types of wine that are the most collectible
  7. The cost is not necessarily proportional to the quality




What makes great wine?


Great Grapes The cost of producing a wine that has the pedigree of a true collectible is not cheap. First, you need excellent grapes, and depending on where they come from, wine grapes can cost many thousands of dollars. Older vines do seem to improve intensity, but some vineyards produce highly rated wines after just 10 years.


Oak Despite the environmental movement these days towards less oak, high end wines still emphasize oak aging. The top pick for fine wine barrels is a white oak called Quercus petraea from France.


Time A well made red wine is often undrinkable when it’s young. As it ages, the abrasive tannins and acidity calm down. Some wineries are equipped to age wines for up to 15 years before releasing them. That means some wineries have millions of bottles in storage at any time. Providing an ideal cellar for aging wines is costly. Learn the 4 traits of age-worthy wine.


Respect All the most expensive wine in the world has some sort of story that makes them truly unique. For instance, Trockenbeerenauclese Riesing in Germany and Austria can only be produced when the vineyard conditions are perfect –something that may only happen every 5-10 years.

how much does fine wine cost to make

How much does fine wine cost to make? Most wine barrels cost $800/barrel, adding only $2.70 per bottle.


Ιστορία του κρασιού από το Wine Folly The History of Wine


Wine has been with us since the dawn of recorded history. Let’s a take a look at how far we’ve come and what has been popular from the ancient times to the modern day. This History of Wine Timeline highlights some of the most notable wine moments.

Wine Timeline


History of wine timeline by Wine Folly


The Modern Era


Since so much has happened in the last 50 years in wine, we’ve added some additional notes about the modern era below:


  • 1964 Sangria introduced to the US at the World’s Fair in Seattle, WA
  • 1965 Box Wine invented in South Australia
  • 1972 First Corkscrews were used by Swiss winery called Hammel.
  • 1975 Zinfandel and Primitivo linked as the same (later confirmed by DNA profiling in 1994)
  • 1976 Judgement of Paris and first issue of Wine Spectator
  • 1980′s The Tonia Group begins to import vitas vinifera (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon) to India
  • 1982 Cork taint is identified as a wine fault.
  • 1983 Modern outbreak of Phylloxera in Napa
  • 1985 Austria is exposed for adding diethylene glycol, a poisonous substance, to wine. Although no recorded illness or deaths occurred, the scandal completely collapsed the Austrian wine market. One of the convicted Wagram winemakers, Karl Grill, proprietor of Firma Gebrüder Grill, committed suicide after being sentenced.
  • 1994 Chile discovers their ‘Merlot’ is actually the lost grape of Bordeaux called Carmenere. DNA profiling confirms in 1997.
  • 2005 Chateau Hansen in Inner Mongolia (the Gobi dessert) China opens
  • 2010 Most expensive wine ever auctioned – 1869 Lafite-Rothschild sold for $230,000
  • 2012 Wine Grapes comes out with 1368 ‘official wine grapes’
  • 2012 Penfold’s debuts 2004 Block 42: the world’s most expensive non-auction bottle of wine 2004
  • 2012 Christies has 1st online wine auction
  • 2016 $1 Billion “Wine City” to open in Yantai, China


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