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Final Results for Best World Music Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll


Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - Gipsy Manifesto

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra – Gipsy Manifesto

The results of World Music Central’s Best World Music Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll are now available. Serbian brass band Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra beat Fanfara Tirana and Transglobal Underground (Albania/UK) by a small margin.

Final Results, Top 10:


Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra – Gipsy Manifesto (Piranha Musik) 35.64% (46,738 votes)


Fanfara Tirana and Transglobal Underground – Kabatronics (World Village UK) 31.09% (40,778 votes)


Eva Quartet & Hector ZazouThe Arch (Elen) 8.2% (10,754 votes)


Amir-John Haddad – 9 Guitarras (Galileo) 5.52% (7,245 votes)


Maria Ana Bobone – Fado & Piano (Arc Music) 3.35% (4,396 votes)


TriBeCaStan – New Songs from the Old Country (Evergreene Music) 3.06% (4,017 votes)


JeConte & The Mali Allstars – Mali Blues (SOULNOW Records) 3.01% (3,950 votes)


Budiño – Sotaque (Fol Música) 1.87% (2,456 votes)


Kal – Romology (Arc Music) 1.04% (1,360 votes)


Rodrigo Costa Felix – Fados De Amor (Arc Music) 0.61% (801 votes)


World Music Central is aware that dozens of world music albums fly under the radar. We encourage traditional and contemporary world music artists to send us their information, even if it’s just a press release or email note.


For a different perspective, read the critics’ picks in World Music Central Announces Its Best World Music Albums of 2013



A Wide Range of Musical References Back And Forth


Jayme Stone - The Other Side of the Air

Jayme Stone – The Other Side of the Air

Jayme Stone

The Other Side of the Air (Jayme Stone JS400, 2013)


Canadian banjo player Jayme Stone departs from his world music explorations and ventures into the world of classical music on his latest albumThe Other Side of the Air .


The album was inspired by an atlas of remote islands he found in his favorite bookstore. “I saw this book, and my imagination caught on fire,” Stone recalls. “I could already hear music and thought I might write a whole body of work about these islands.”


In addition to the classical elements, The Other Side of the Air incorporates West African, American roots music and some jazz improvisation. The arrangements, however, feature a chamber atmosphere with musical instruments from the world of classical music so don’t expect ngonis or talking drums in the West African-inspired pieces.


The lineup on the album includes Jayme Stone (banjo), Rob Mosher (woodwinds), Kevin Turcotte (trumpet), Andrew Downing (cello, bass), Joe Phillips (bass), Nick Fraser (drums, percussion), Aleksandar Gajic (violin), Aline Homzy (violin), Kathleen Kajioka (viola), Amy Laing (cello), Anne Thompson (flute), Clare Scholtz (oboe), Peter Lutek (bassoon), William Carn (trombone) and David Quackenbush (French horn).


These are my people,” Stone exclaims, “who are each brilliant composers and improvisers in their own right. There’s a deep sense of listening, camaraderie and understanding in the way we make music together. We can pass a wide range of references back and forth, through the air.”


On The Other Side of the Air Jayme Stone presents an impeccable performance of banjo in the context of a classical music ensemble.





Buy The Other Side of the Air


World Music Central Announces Its Best World Music Albums of 2013


World Music Central’s music critics and special guests announced today their lists of best world music albums of 2013.

Yvon Ambrosi – akhaba.com (Paris, France)


First, we begin with our special guests and colleague Yvon Ambrosi, who lives in Paris. For twelve years, he ran the only retail store in France specializing in World Music. In 2011, he created akhaba.com, the first French World Music online record shop and magazine.


This is akhaba.com’s Top Ten for 2013:


Omar Sosa – Eggun The Afri-Lectric Experience (Jazz Village, 2013)
Stefano Bollani & Hamilton De Holanda – O Que Sera (ECM, 2013)
Ibrahim MaaloufIllusions (Mi’Ster Prod, 2013)
Kan – Sleeper (Kan Music, 2013)
Yasmine Hamdan – Ya Nass (Crammed, 2013)
Bomba Estéreo – Elegancia Tropical (Soundway, 2012)
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – Pizzica Indiavolata (Ponderosa, 2013)
Erik Aliana – Just My Land (Buda Musique, 2013)
The Khoury Project – The Adventures of Prince Ahmed (Institut du Monde Arabe, 2013)
VA – Diablos del Ritmo The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-1985 (Analog Africa, 2013)


Tony Hillier – Weekend Australian, Rhythms magazine and World Music Central (Cairns in North Queensland, Australia)


Tony Hillier writes for national publications such as the Weekend Australian and Rhythms magazine. He is a regular contributor to World Music Central.


Top Ten Albums of The Year


1. Joseph Tawadros – Chameleons Of The White Shadow (Universal)

Egyptian-Australian oud master Tawadros and American banjo maestro Bela Flek constitutes a match made in stringed-instrument heaven. Add jazz players of the calibre of Joey DeFrancesco, Roy Ayers, Howard Johnson and Richard Bona, and some great compositions and you have an exceptional album.


2. Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos – Live In San Francisco (Warner)


Roots guru Ry Cooder takes a timely trawl through a back catalogue replete with treasures, in a concert recorded in his home city.


3. Lau – Race The Loser (Reveal)


Superb folk soundscapes from a Scottish trio, whose music map has expanded to encompass judicious electronic elements.


Debashish Bhattacharya - Beyond The Ragasphere

Debashish Bhattacharya – Beyond The Ragasphere

4. Debashish Bhattacharya & friends – Beyond The Ragasphere (Riverboat)
5. Richard Thompson – Electric (Proper)
6. Esko Järvelä Epic Male Band (Sibelius Academy Folk Music Recordings)
7. Bassekou Kouyate – Jama Ko (Out Here)
8. Fabian Holland – Fabian Holland (Rooksmere)
9. Guy Clark – My Favorite Picture Of You (Dualtone)
10. Kobo Town – Jumbie In The Jukebox (Cumbancha)

Best Compilation


Various Artists – Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake (Navigator)


Best Reissue


Eliza Carthy – Wayward Daughter (Topic)


Tom Orr – World Music Central (California, USA)


Tom Orr has been writing album reviews for World Music Central for many years.


Lala Njava - Malagasy Blues Song

Lala Njava – Malagasy Blues Song

The Oldians – Downtown Rock
Vieux Farka Toure – Mon Pays
Lala Njava – Malagasy Blues Song
Salaam – Train to Basra and Other Stories
Carmen Sousa – Kachupada
Kobo Town – Jumbie in the Jukebox
Etran Finatawa – The Sahara Sessions
Tito Puente – Quatro: The Definitive Collection
R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman – Awakening the Fire
Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub – The Scientist Meets Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub

Rafael Mieses – Músicas del Mundo.com (Tampa, Florida, USA)
Rafael Mieses is a regular album reviewer at our Spanish language world music site Músicas del Mundo.com


Roberto Fonseca - Yo

Roberto Fonseca – Yo

1 – Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Jama Ko (Out Here Records)
2 – The Garifuna Collective – Ayó (Cumbancha)
3 – Stefano Bollani & Hamilton de Holanda – O que sera (ECM)
4 – Bombino – Nomad (Nonesuch)
5 – Roberto Fonseca – Yo (Concord)
6 – Africando – Viva Africando (Sterns Africa)
7 – Eliane Elias – I thought about you: A tribute to Chet Baker (Concord)
8 – Maria Marquez – Tonada (Adventure Music)
9 – Bobby McFerrin – Spirityouall (Sony Masterworks)
10 – Preservation Hall Jazz Band – That’s it (Sony Legacy)

Angel Romero – World Music Central (Durham, North Carolina, USA)


Angel is the managing editor for World Music Central. His list is in alphabetical order.


Africando – Viva Africando (Sterns)
Antonio Loureiro – (Borandá)
Anoushka Shankar – Traces Of You (Deutsche Grammophon)
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Jama Ko (Outhere Records)
Bombino – Nomad (Nonesuch Records)
Budiño – Sotaque (Fol Música)
Clannad – Clannad at Christ Church Cathedral (ARC Music EUCD2441, 2013)

Esko Jarvela Epic Male Band - Esko Jarvela Epic Male Band

Esko Jarvela Epic Male Band – Esko Jarvela Epic Male Band

Debashish Bhattacharya – Beyond The Ragasphere (World Music Network)
Esko Jarvela – Epic Male Band (Sibelius Academy Folk Music Recordings)
Roberto Fonseca – Yo (Montuno Producciones/Concord Jazz)

Best upcoming artist


Mor Karbasi – La Tsadika (Gibraltar Production)


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